Person County Schools Virtual Academy

  • This fall, PCS plans to expand distance learning opportunities by launching a fully virtual option for students.  This new virtual school will add more flexible scheduling and personalized learning options for current students and provide a new virtual learning option for area homeschool students to take two or more virtual courses at no cost to the family.

    Questions? Please contact Tisha Duncan at 336-599-2191 ext. 22115 or email at

PCS Virtual Academy Commitment Form

  • Would like to commit to attending the K-12 Person County Schools Virtual Academy? If so, please take a moment to complete the commitment form linked below.

    Virtual Application




    Who Can Apply?

    Students residing in Person County and surrounding areas. If residing not in Person County, tuition will be required. Tuition will be $1,938 a year. (The tuition amount is based on 2020-2021.) 

    Enrollment Options

    Part-time virtual enrollment (up to 2 courses per semester) graduating from a homeschool or private school.
    Full-time virtual enrollment (course load must align with PCS policy and student plan of study) graduating from PCS. 


    Enrollment is free for families who reside in the PCS district. Students from other districts will need to pay fees associated with the public school discretionary release process. 


  •  Requirements

    - Yearly commitment
    - Appropriate workspace at home.
    - Communication with instructors, parents, and students.
    - Students may be either required to attend in-person lab sessions or be accountable to pick up materials to complete assignments for certain courses such as science and Career and Technical Education (CTE). Failure to do so will result in a drop from the course and a failing grade in Powerschool.
    - Students will be required to attend campus in person to take all state exams per state board policy.

    Parental Involvement

    Instructors for all of our classes will provide communication to parents throughout the semester as needed. Depending on the course type, there will also be parent observer access options for most courses.  

  •  PCS Resources & Materials

    - Students will be provided a PCS issued laptop.
    - Students may check out a hotspot for internet access.
    - All curricular resources will be provided including books. 

    Class Types

    We provide a full selection of core courses as well as a broad selection of electives/specials. Many of our courses will be taught by local Person County Schools teachers who have been specially trained to personalize the online learning experience. We will also use the NC Virtual to provide high-quality instruction for a wider selection of courses. And for junior and senior students, we partner with PCC to provide college credit courses for a variety of college transfer and career pathways. These college credit courses can sometimes simultaneously fulfill NC graduation requirements. We will help you create a plan of study to meet your personal academic and career goals. 

    Extracurricular Activities

    Students attending the virtual school may still be allowed to participate in select in-person activities and events including sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities at their base school. (Students must meet eligibility requirements. Click here for the NCHSAA policy.)